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Terms & Conditions Update


1) Graham the Gardener does not generally require a deposit but if materials require purchasing more than a week prior to commencement of the work we can request payment to cover the purchase.

2) Quotes issued by Graham the Gardener are valid for 31 days. Once accepted labour costs will be held till the work is completed. However, we reserve the right to increase material prices in line with any supplier increases.

3) While Graham the Gardener will do their best to stay within the quoted price we reserve the right to adjust it for unforeseen circumstance or alterations requested by the customer. In both these circumstances it is the responsibility of the team leader to apprise the customer of the changes and ensure they want the work to continue with the alterations and if possible give the effective changes to the cost.

4) Any damage caused by the works to the property that could have conceivably been avoided will be put right and the costs covered through our public liability insurance.

5) Payment is due on completion and submission of an invoice. However if the work will take more than 10 days then we reserve the right to ask for an interim payment to be agreed with the customer.

6) Invoices that are outstanding for over 31 days will be subject to interest, charges equivalent to our current bank overdraft interest rate.

7) The materials remain the property of Graham the Gardener until payment is received and we reserve the right to remove them if payment is not received.

8) Graham the Gardener will pursue any unpaid debts and if it is necessary to use a third party to collect the outstanding balance then any cost incurred will be added to the debt. This will be up to a total of 25% of the invoice plus any court fees.

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