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Is your outside space in need of a makeover?

Graham The Gardner | Landscape Gardening | Fencing | Herefordshire

Are you looking to rejuvenate your garden? We understand how important it is that you have a space that suits your personality and lifestyle, as there’s nothing better than knowing you’ve got a beautiful place to escape to that’s just outside your back door. We can provide you with exactly what it is that you require, whether that’s an easy to manage garden, or and intricate and beautiful place to relax, we can do just that.

If you would like a large patio or decking area that’s perfect for entertaining guests at garden parties, we’ll create it. If you dream of having a water feature that gives a refreshing vibe on hot summer days, we can make it happen. If you have young children, and want a lawn for them to play on, we can lay high quality turf that will keep the area looking bright and amazing.

If you would like to see examples of the impressive work that we have done. Please call us today on 01885 490 820 and arrange an appointment for your free consultation.

High quality workmanship and excellent materials.

If you’re going to invest money in landscaping your garden then it’s essential that you get experienced professionals to do the job and that they use materials that will last.

At Graham the Gardener we have 25 years of experience, therefore we have seen the nightmare that can unfold from poor materials and workmanship, but regardless of what we have been presented with we always help to make a garden that you can be proud of. Not only to we provide high quality workmanship, we also source our materials from top suppliers such as Stone market, Marshalls Paving and Bradstone Paving.

Not looking for landscaping?

Graham The Gardner | Landscape Gardening | Fencing | Herefordshire


There are so many reasons that can prevent you from tending to your garden and we want to help ease the worry of an untidy garden. We offer many services that are sure to suit your needs, whether you want us to take care of it all or just lend a helping hand with certain tasks.

Graham The Gardner | Landscape Gardening | Fencing | Herefordshire


At Graham The Gardener we understand the importance of having your own privacy when you just want to relax outside in the sunshine and escape from the stress of every day life. If you want a well designed and creative backdrop then call us today and we can help create an ideal outside space.

Graham The Gardner | Landscape Gardening | Fencing | Herefordshire

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We would love to hear from you! The team at Graham The Gardener have over have over 20 years of experience in making customers dreams a reality. We have a proven track record of excellence and are trusted by many. If you would like to get in touch please call us on 01885 490 820

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