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Gardening services Hereford, hedge planting, lawn turfing, ponds and land clearance.

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We don’t just offer gardening services to our customers. We also specialise in landscaping and fencing.


At Graham The Gardener we understand the importance of having your own privacy when you want to relax outside in the sunshine and escape from the stress of everyday life. If you want a well designed and creative backdrop then call us today and we can help create an ideal outside space.

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If your outside space needs a makeover then look no further than Graham The Gardener, with our expert skills and eye for detail we are certain that we can turn your dream garden into a reality. Whether you want a garden that’s easy to manage or an intricate and beautiful place to relax, we can help.

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We would love to hear from you! The team at Graham The Gardener have over 20 years of experience in making customers dreams a reality. We have a proven track record of excellence and are trusted by many. If you would like to get in touch please call us on 01885 490 820


Graham The Gardener Hereford

Graham the Gardener has no limits, whether you’re in need of garden landscaping, fencing or ongoing garden maintenance , our expert team will help. No job is too large or too small for us; if you’re a farmer who needs reliable and secure fencing, we can help, or if you’re age is preventing you from tending to your garden, we can help.

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