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If your outside space needs a makeover then look no further than Graham The Gardener, with our expert skills and eye for detail we are certain that we can turn your dream garden into a reality. Whether you want a garden thats easy to manage, or an intricate and beautiful place to relax, we can help.



At Graham The Gardener we understand the importance of having your own privacy when you just want to relax outside in the sunshine and escape from the stress of every day life. If you want a well designed and creative backdrop then call us today and we can help create an ideal outside space.



There are so many reasons that can prevent you from tending to your garden and we want to help ease the worry of an untidy garden. We offer many services that are sure to suit your needs, whether you want us to take care of it all or just lend a helping hand with certain tasks. Here at Graham The Gardener all you have to do is let us know what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.